Days of abstinence of sperm quality

Friday 23 August UK News feed. Men who abstain from sex in the belief that they are enhancing their fertility could be damaging their chances of having a child, according to new research. The study found that the benefits of abstention in increasing a man's sperm count were more than cancelled out by a decline in semen motility, or ability to swim up to an egg and fertilise it. At present, couples who are having difficulty conceiving are often advised not to have sex for up to a week in order to increase the quantity of sperm in time for the fertile peak of the woman's reproductive cycle. He said some men might be told that they have poor sperm quality because they had abstained from sex before they were tested. Dr Levitas, who analysed 10, sperm samples, said the finding did not apply to men with normal sperm counts and good quality, "motile" sperm.
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Sperm quality study updates advice for couples trying to conceive

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Frequent sex – not abstinence – is better for sperm quality - BioNews

Log in Advanced Search. Sperm quality and pregnancy outcomes in IVF may be improved with frequent ejaculation, a new study suggests. Research carried out at the Centre for Reproductive Medicine in Shenyang, China, aimed to determine the effects of a short period of abstinence on the quality of ejaculated sperm, as well as its effect on the pregnancy outcomes of couples undergoing IVF. Major molecular differences were seen between samples of semen depending on the duration of abstinence. Specifically, semen samples collected after only one to three hours of abstinence contained more motile sperm with a higher reproductive potential than samples collected after men had abstained for three to seven days. This could make all the difference to their efforts to start a family.
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Influence of the abstinence period on human sperm quality: analysis of 2,458 semen samples

Could doctors at fertility clinics be giving men bad advice? Da Li and Dr. Recent research from Li's and Wang's lab, published in the journal Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, upends conventional wisdom that abstaining between efforts to conceive can improve a couple's chances of success. The research team worked with almost couples to test whether how long a couple waits between efforts to conceive could change their success rates. Some earlier studies had shown that semen produced shortly after a man's most recent ejaculation -- within three hours or so -- had faster and more motile sperm than if the man abstained for several days before ejaculating again.
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The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of different periods of abstinence on conventional semen parameters as well as functional parameters in human semen, including mitochondrial function, chromatin packing and sperm DNA fragmentation. We recruited a cohort of 2, men undergoing infertility investigation. Associations between the sexual abstinence period and sperm parameters were assessed using Spearman correlation. The duration of abstinence had a statistically significant positive influence on sperm concentration and volume, the number of leukocytes and a statistically significant negative influence on sperm motility and vitality. The percentage of sperm protamination was statistically significantly increased with abstinence.
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